Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

i love cookie monster

As a child I was trapped by The sesame street. Nobody could thrill me more than cookie monster.
He was my one and only.;-)
Big eyes watching Tv and munching cookies, crumbs all over my tee let me look like small cookie monster, most of the time;-)
Nothing changed... 33 years later it's still the same. Now I bake my own cookie 
monsters and sometimes I catch myself in front of my laptop watching The Sesame Street.
The best part about...Me want cookie. I promise my next post is going to be
a cookie recipe.

You can find my favorite video at the end of this post. Enjoy being a 
child again, at least for a moment:-)


Ich liebe das Krümelmonster, wer tut das nicht??? Als Kind war ich hin und
weg von der Sesamstrasse, nichts konnte mich mehr begeistern.
Mit großen Augen, Kekse mampfend saß ich vor dem Tv. 
Kekskrümel auf dem T-shirt...Die meiste Zeit sah ich wohl selbst aus wie ein Krümelmonster.
33 Jahre später hat sich nicht wirklich viel verändert:-)
Noch heute erwische ich mich dabei, wie ich gebannt die ein oder andere
Folge der Sesamstrasse auf meinem Laptop schaue, natürlich mit selbstge-
backenen Krümelmonster Cake pops:-) 
Das Beste dabei...Ich will Kekse.
Mein nächstes Rezept wird bestimmt ein Cookie Post, versprochen:-)

Am Ende habe ich meine Lieblings Sesamstrassen Folge angehängt.
Viel Spaß beim wieder Kind-sein dürfen, wenigstens für den Moment.

Cookie monster cake pops


  • 1 box brownie mix (plus the ingredients you need to bake the brownie)
  • 1/2 cup chocolate fudge frosting or Nutella
  • 1 package blue candy melts 
  • 1 package candy eyeballs
  • cake pop sticks

1. Bake the brownie.
Just follow the discription on the back of the box. Let the brownies cool completely down.
2. Crumble the brownie and mix in the frosting.
Crumble the brownie into small pieces, add the frosting until the dough gets sticky and you can roll balls.
3. Roll the brownie mixture to balls.
Roll the mixture to balls.
The balls should not be bigger than 2 inch diameter. Bigger ones might be to heavy for the sticks.
Place the cake pops on a plate and let chill in the refrigerator for about
30 minutes.

4. Melt the chocolate and cover the cake pops.
Melt the candy melts following the directions on the back of the package.
Take the cake pops out of the refrigerator.
With a sharp knife cut out a slot, for cookie monsters mouth.
Dip the pop stick into melted chocolate and stick it into the cake ball.
Now dip cookie monster into the blue melted chocolate.

For the fuzzy look of my cookie monsters I used a spoon for coating the chocolate instead of dipping them into the candy melts.

If you use two different candy melts, you maybe have to store your cake balls after the first chocolate coating in the fridge again, to let the coating cool down, before running the next chocolate coating.

Caution: Be careful after eating the first cake ball you´re gonna be addicted!!!

5. Decorate them with all kind of sprinkles and colors.
Place one pair of candy eyeballs on each cake pop head and let dry.

Stick the cake pops into a sieve with bigger holes. In my opinion that´s the best way to let them dry.

Use dough leftovers to form tiny little cookies, cover with chocolate and place them in cookie monsters mouth.

Have fun and let me know how they came out. Send pictures of your cake pops...



  1. I love them too;-) So cute and soooo delicious;-)

  2. beautiful blog, i'm loving your pictures, and your recipes are delicious!
    I liked that you write in german... i'm learning the language and this is the first recipe blog I read that has english and german together.
    have a nice week!

  3. Hi Nizz, thank you so much. I just started blogging in german and english. You're the first one who liked it. I appreciate;-)

  4. These are the cutest things I've ever seen! So creative. I'm partial to Cookie Monster too.

  5. Soooo cute.

    You can also use 'cookie crisp' cereal as the cookie in his mouth.

  6. Hi Maggie,
    another cookie monster;-)Nice to hear from you;-)

  7. Crisp cereals as cookies, that's definitely a good idea. I'm gonna try next time;-)


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