Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

my little zoo spoons

Yesterday I took my nephew Noel to the zoo. He was so fascinated by all the animals. 
After hours of zebras, gorillas and elephants I had a lot of problems to get him back home. 
So I promised him his own little zoo.

For your own little zoo you need:

  • wooden spoons
  • glue
  • paint
  • plastic animals 

  • paint wooden spoons with your favorite color and let dry

  • cut animals with a carpet knife into half and glue onto wooden spoons


This little zoo is a nice decoration idea.
If you don´t paint the spoons you can use them as cupcake toppers for your next party:-)
Your gonna love them:-)

Have fun...sabrinasue


  1. Oh so cute !
    It's a great idea :)
    http://midnightciity.wordpress.com (french blogger)

    1. You can glue anything onto the spoons. Thanks for your comment;-)


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